If you would like us to play at your festival we normally need…

10x channels for Drumkit

1x IEM mix for drummer

2x di for laptop

2x di for Accordion

1x di for Fiddle

1x di for Bass (From Amp)

Vocal mic for caller

3x Monitor Mix

For the Evolution Ceilidh we need…

Drumkit x10 channels

2x di for Laptop Stereo track out

6x monitor mix

1x in ear monitor mix for drummer

2x di for Accordion

1x SM57 for Cajon Front

1x Audix D6 for Cajon Rear

1x 57 for Melodion (Trio)

1x DI for Accoustic Guitar/Bouzouki (Trio)

1x DI for Fiddle (Trio)

Silent and Silent Live only need power drops around the stage