Throughout 2018-19 we have been plotting.

We have been choosing, listening and working really hard (but mostly bursting with excitement!) creating a new idea with which to help light the folk fire in younger and non-folk audiences. There was a lot of talking, research, re-working, epic amounts of re-mixing and deliberation, not to mention the huge amount of trust that was given to us by Simon Care and Joe Heap who not once asked to see or listen to what we were finally cooking up after talking about the initial idea but just trusted that we would deliver like we said we would.

So, it was with great pleasure (and more worry than I care to mention) that we (for the first time anywhere) took The Urban Folk Theory’s Live Silent Ceilidh Band versus tracks to Towersey Festival 2019.

It was an absolute, storming success and something we shall all be immensely proud of forever.

There will be pictures and videos as soon as they arrive from the festival.

Thank you for all of your amazing comments after the event and encouragement before it…

A special thank you to Will Allen, Daz Jones, Rob Ellmore and Ben Moss for your excellence under stress!!!

Peace and Love,